my feelings for art

There is nothing better than to work with serious students who are wanting to learn and improve their art.  Once you can draw and paint what you see only then can you move to the next level of expression, taking what you know and applying it to what you feel.   Making that kind of commitment to art and instruction is an ongoing process.   My studio is open for learning, working but having fun too.  I welcome you to join us in this adventure

Anyone can make great art it does, however, take practice, just like most things you must learn to do it without thinking a kind of second nature. When I  open my Studio to you I promise to teach you all I know,  and to respect your growth,  I expect you to listen and try what I am suggesting,  I also expect you to respect my knowledge and time in teaching you by keeping me abreast of changes needed in times for class, your commitment for attending  and in prompt payment for your class. 


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